About María Ximena

«I keep growing, evolving and looking for ways to live a balance happier life.»

«I believe in discipline, commitment and hard work.»

«I don’t believe in quick fixes, they simply don’t work.»

«My glass is always half full, I choose to focus on the positives and learn from the challenges that comes my way.»


María Ximena



Relationship builder, world citizen, cooking explorer, fitness enthusiast, nature lover, happily married, totally passionate about education, no children and happy auntie. Born in Colombia, adopted by Australia currently living between FL, US and Colombia.



More than 15 years of experience in the higher education sector advising and servicing thousands of clients in their path to further their education. From bachelor degrees to Executive MBAs and Master degrees.

Having lived and worked in different countries: Colombia, United States, Denmark, Germany, Barbados and Australia gives me a sensibility to work with people from different cultural and social backgrounds. I am a people’s person who enjoys helping others achieve their goals and enjoy life.




  • Universidad de los Andes B.A in Languages and Humanities (Colombia)
  • Macquarie University. M.A  in Translation and Interpreting (Australia)
  • Professional Development programs in marketing, social media, public relations (on going)
  • Childhood early education program in Miami Dade College (U.S)
  • Assertive Communication program (U.S)
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach IIN  (U.S)
  • Certified Food Protection Manager, 360 training (Miami, FL)
  • Essential Oils Advocate – Doterra
  • Meditation practitioner for 15 years

“You have all the willpower in the world to break any habit.The power of divine will is always with you, and can never be destroyed.” PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA

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