Integrating mind and body for total wellbeing

Integrating mind and body for total wellbeing


Hi there my friends,

As you know, my interest is to motivate, educate and, above all, raise awareness to create well-being at all levels. Integrating mind and body is crucial to obtain solid results considering that Physical nutrition, (by physical I refer to food), is not absolutely everything. Drinking smoothies and becoming vegan is not enough if one doesnt cultivate self-awareness (Mindfulness). And how hard it is to practice it every day! The good news is that it is not impossible, we all have the capacity to observe ourselves inwardly and give a name to those tendencies that we have, which lead us to act in a certain way (sometimes constructively and others destructively).
Only when this exercise of self-awareness is done constantly, it is possible to redirect attention in such a way that it helps us to live a life with plenitude and well-being.

Photo by geocities.wsSome people might think “why are you writing about this topic that has nothing to do with food?” I can say that it has EVERYTHING to do with food. An anti-inflammatory diet is excellent, it will contribute tremendously to improve health but if that person has a negative perception about himself, has low self-esteem and feels lonely, it is very likely that the changes in diet are not entirely effective. The connection between body, mind and spirit is very close, therefore it is necessary to pay attention and cultivate every aspect. Many scientific studies show that problems such as anxiety, chronic pain and depression are curable when a higher level of consciousness develops.
So, friends, this blog is an invitation to self-observation.

In this path of getting out of the usual “autopilot” mode in which we live, I am very interested in what we are taught by experts in mindfulness and neuro-codification. So I’m going to share these authors because I want you to investigate on your own. Do not even believe what I write, I simply wish to encourage you to open your mind so that you can expand your consciousness and thus achieve the fullness and wellbeing that we want so much. (I clarify that I have no relationship with these authors, nor do I get benefits for naming them)
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“If you increase consciousness, changes come alone”
Jon Kabat -Zinn

Jon Kabat-Zinn – American professor of medicine and molecular biologist, considered as the father of mindfulness, affirms that through mindfulness, (through Zen meditation) it is possible to restore corporal and mental balance creating well-being. The active observation of the present moment without judgments is transformative, it has the ability to change our brain, to expand memory, to increase learning capacity and to manage stress by favorably affecting the amygdala in the brain (which is the internal alarm button that produces stress ). Check out this article and this video.

This topic is closely related to epigenetics which refers to the study of all non-genetic factors that regulate gene expression without altering the DNA sequence. Dr. Nathalie Zammateo, – Belgian Biological Sciences PhD- wrote a book called The Impact of Emotions on DNA, which I think is very interesting because it talks about DNA being information, with millions of neurotransmitters communicating with each other. The activity of these neurotransmitters is affected by the environment and part of the environment are emotions. When emotions are managed (through self-consciousness) it is possible to generate emotional health which is reflected in physical health.
Every day, there are more scientific studies and more evidence that shows that the mind has an incredible power over health, thoughts whatever they are, generate emotions and when these are very intense and negative they also make us sick and take us off balance.

The Solution?

I have already said it in other blogs and I will continue saying: meditation is a great tool and for this there is a lot of information on YouTube where you can find guided meditations, music to meditate, yoga and many options for everyone.
Stop making excuses for not paying attention, changes start from the inside out and each one of us has the tools to achieve a better version. So I encourage you to get focused. If you need professional help, I am available to device a personalized plan for you.

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