The Power of Self Talk

The Power of Self Talk

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I bet this happens to many of you because unfortunately, we do it often: you are sitting in front of someone and while he/she is talking to you, you have a hundred thoughts running through your mind. Your body is there but your mind is somewhere else. In the meantime, the person in front of you is hoping you are listening, but clearly you are not. You are not present. We are bombarded by thoughts every minute of the day, some have to do with situations in the past and others with plans in the future, but rarely with the present. While we are recreating the different scenarios (of what could have been but didn’t or what could be but hasn’t happened yet), we waste a lot of time not realizing that what matters is what we are now. Our internal narrative becomes our world, we play the same scenario so many times in our mind that without knowing it, we act on it and make it our reality. This is the power of self talk. Not only can we shape our destiny with our thoughts, we can alter them if we pay attention to the quality of these thoughts.

But how do you become aware of the quality of your thoughts? Because they happen very quickly and we also act on them very quickly. I certainly don’t have all the answers but I can share with you these tips that have helped me and I trust that if you are persistent, you will also benefit from them. They are not magic tricks, in other words, you will not see results overnight, they are meant to create a mindset that builds you up so think of them as steps to include in your routine to a better you.

Start a gratitude practice

It is always easier to be negative. Whichever the situation is, because life is not perfect, focus on finding reasons to be grateful. Be grateful for being alive, for the experiences that you have lived so far, for your health, for feeling the sun or the cold wind in your face, for the food in front of you. Focus on the positives, not the negatives. This practice sets a wonderful tone to start your day. If you are religious, include it in your prayers, and if you aren’t, simply be grateful to the universe for being here. 

Set your intention for the day

Make clear what you want to achieve and write it down. Words are powerful and the more you see them and repeat them to yourself, you will subconsciously create the space for these actions to occur. You are manifesting the universe what you really want so focus your energy in making it happen. Like they say, fake it til you make it!

images-1Develop your tribe

Being healthy is contagious and being miserable is also contagious. Surround yourself with people who share the same values. Take part in meditation groups, attend events where you know you will find others who love what you do and actively participate. Your tribe will be your best resource when you need someone to build you up, when you are feeling down or lost and more importantly you can also give back , which is even more rewarding than receiving it.
Get active

Physical exercise is clearly important for physical health, but even more for mental health. When you find yourself down, over thinking, put on your trainers and go walking, running, walk your dog, find an activity that you like. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which are our natural painkillers, they help reduce stress and create a sensation of positive feeling.

Abdominal breathing

Who would have thought that abdominal breathing actually massages your digestive system? Apart from calming your mind and reducing stress, it also aids proper digestion and helps to strength the immune system. Take a few minutes when you first wake up or before you sleep to practice abdominal breathing. Lay on your back and place your hand on your belly and see how it expands and contracts, try it for a few minutes everyday and you will feel the difference.

Being aware of our thoughts can be hard, but the more we develop mindfulness, we will be able to protect ourselves from diseases. Remember that being healthy is not only the food we eat, it also includes our thoughts and our internal narrative. Be patient and consistent, I promise that you will see the positive effects on your overall health if you do it and more importantly, everyone around you will also benefit from it.
If you want to learn more about this topic,  there are different research studies on the web, but I can recommend Dr. Bernie Siegel who has done extensive research and written different books related to self healing and the effects of positive thinking to cure diseases.

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