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Hi, my name is Maria Ximena Ospina, its great to meet you! Thank you for being in my website!


Clearly, the idea of a “perfect life” is an illusion. However, most of us, still try to achieve this idea of perfection in different ways and we only get more anxious, stressed and unhappy. Why is that? Because our approach is unrealistic and we keep excluding aspects of our lives that need to be reset and aligned.


What aspects am I referring to? Conscious eating habits, mindfulness and intention.

The way we nourish our body and mind is crucial for our wellbeing, we think that by doing what the media, our family and friends say, we are going to be “just fine”. So we go along with it and live on “autopilot” for many years or our entire lives.

We ignore the effect of certain foods in our system, ignore toxic relationships and we believe that being stressed, fatigued and lethargic is ok.

The moment we acknowledge and embrace the connection between conscious eating habits, mindfulness and intention we create positive changes in our lives and to all those around us.

We stop surviving and we start living the life we want for ourselves. We take each moment with appreciation and make conscious decisions that bring wellness and happiness that is long-lasting.

I am here to create this new path with you and walk it with you!


Generally, my clients are people over 30 years of age with lots of commitments at work and at home who tend to forget that in order to care better for their family and friends, they also need to care better for themselves: women who are mothers, aunts or wives; men interested in making life changes; people suffering from digestive issues or hormonal imbalances and allergies; premenopause and menopause women and caregivers of those suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, heart and neurodegenerative illnesses.

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I’m María Ximena Ospina and I’m here to create this new path and walk it with you!

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