Healthy Cooking Workshops

The cooking workshops are tailored made to your needs. Normally they last 2-3 hours and they are organized in the comfort of your home. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn with your friends, family or colleagues in an interactive session where you will to nourish your internal ecosystem, feed your brain and strengthen your immune system.

Some of the topics I focus on are the following:


  • Microbiome (Optimal nutrition for your own ecosystem is crucial to fight diseases and create  sustained vitality)
  • Feeding your Brain  (Food and habits to improve mental clarity, focus, performance, emotional health and create new neurological connections)
  • Nourishing your Children (For many women, it is difficult to find healthy lunch and snack ideas for their children. The idea is to learn what are the required nutrients for children to assist them in their development.
  • Managing chronic diseases through food (Many of us have friends and family suffering from diabetes, cancer or heart disease among others). Here, participants will learn new recipes and ideas to create alternatives to manage these conditions and in many cases these health problems can even be reversed.

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