Wellness Corporate Workshops (Virtual)

Everyday businesses are becoming more aware of the benefits of empowering employees with knowledge about nutrition and wellness. Productivity, mental clarity, and reduction of work absenteeism are some of the positive benefits of the wellness workshops. All programs are customized to your needs and budget.

Ask me for virtual wellness workshops. I deliver classes via zoom.


I found the presentation by Ms Maria to be exceptionally on-point.   The content was informative and in line with our wellness initiatives so it was very well received by the audience both in person and on the phone (about 40 people in total participated).

Ms Maria’s delivery of the material was impressive as she spoke from experience and that first hand reference made the discussion more real and relatable.  Not only did Maria present the material with authority and knowledge, but mixed in with a pleasant demeanor along with a light-hearted approach. It wasn’t like some wellness experts that make their audience feel as if they were “failing” if not in agreement or at the same level.   This was a big plus in the overall presentation.

How does this presentations bring value to your team?

The presentation brings so much value to us at Cigna as it fits perfectly in our daily mission to improve the health of the people and communities we serve.   Ms Maria’s message resonates with that from top to bottom.

Stuart Rosenthal, VP Network South Florida, US

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