Are we safe using these products?

Are we safe using these products?

For years I have thought using tampons and pads were totally safe, considering there isn’t much information about the cons of using them. Some women choose pads over tampons cause they think they are safer, but what if you were told that both are manufactured with materials that are toxic for our bodies?

You would probably think twice next time you go to buy them every month. I read this article and it is scary to think that we have been using tampons and pads for decades that can bring so much harm to us. As usual, consumers only get half of the information so its crucial that we learn what are the pros, cons and alternative options. Recently, I heard about the Fleur menstrual cup, which to be honest, I know nothing about, but I am planning to try it myself and I will share with you my experience.

  • Adriana Gaitan
    Posted at 14:02h, 09 June Reply

    Just last week. I saw an interview with a girl who lost a leg because of tampons.

    • mxospina
      Posted at 18:37h, 09 June Reply

      Thanks for sharing Adriana, that’s horrible, probably caused by bacteria or chemicals from the tampons.

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